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Supermicro and Excelero teamed up to deliver a high-performance, low-latency distributed block storage solution leveraging NVMe flash. The Supermicro NVMesh solution allows unmodified applications to employ pooled NVMe storage devices across a network at local speeds and latencies. The solution allows joining practically unlimited Supermicro servers with NVMe to scale capacity and performance.

Testing results prove that Excelero’s latest NVMesh software-defined storage software on Azure delivers up to 25x more IOPS and up to 10x more bandwidth while reducing latency by 80 percent.

Excelero’s distributed block storage allows customers to share NVMe storage across any network and supports any local or distributed file system. NVMesh has abilities that make it easier for service providers, enterprises, and web scalers to deploy shared NVMe storage at local performance across a wide range of network protocols and applications.


Data requirements are increasing as larger file formats are being cultivated and used in various industries; from big data in oil well mapping, analytics, and real-time 3D scanning straight to the cloud. No matter what industry you are in, the year-on-year increase in file sizes is increasing at an exponential rate thanks to the advancement and adoption of new technology.

Data is getting so big that some larger cloud platforms offer a truck facility to transfer your in-house data to a cloud upload point, with some companies taking months to complete the data based on round-the-clock transfers to 40-foot shipping containers filled with storage media. To alleviate this using a distributed block storage solution from day one or at the earliest possible convenience switching to this method of data storage may save you months of transfer time and expense down the line.

Everything is interconnected, with IoT, OT, and IT all becoming a larger mass of data, and increased levels of automation and analytics also exacerbating data challenges from scalability to speed of outdated technology.

Excelero’s NVMesh is the lowest latency distributed block storage for shared NVMe - a solution that supports any hardware. Excelero’s NVMesh is 100% software-defined.

Once data is in an NVMesh storage solution, the data storage is completely scalable and managed through a configurator software that allows you to distribute data into logical locations, add hardware and automatically load level and easily optimize data workflows. In addition to this, the configurator software allows you to automate snapshot backups, have a live backup that can be switched to automatically during a production system outage or hardware failure, and once complete automatically update new production hardware while it's being temporarily used as the production system.

NVMe protocol has been marked by Microsoft and other large technology companies as being the future thanks to two-way data transfer, low latency, and far higher bandwidths than current SAS or SATA alternatives. In fact, the only technology that will not benefit in terms of performance is tape drives which are limited by their design, and no other protocols after NVMe are on the horizon thanks to its scalability. If you are going to a new protocol then NVMe is the only option.

Logical division of data across data blocks allows for big data sets to be divided and stored in different locations, making the NVMesh storage solution not only faster but great for team members working on different parts of the data simultaneously; a major benefit of this technology. Data that is the lifeblood and IP of a company will also be better protected from cybercrime due to this data division over different devices.

No more downtime during hardware failures, no more bottlenecks based on bandwidth constraints, and limiting one-way read/write applications thanks to the NVMesh protocol. This technology is currently being adopted by the technology industry and eventually takes over from different protocols including SAS, SATA, and SCSI, and is distilled down to client machines.

Excelero’s NVMesh is a comprehensive web-scale SDS solution with the distributed data protection and storage provisioning that makes shared NVMe storage functional, practical, and easily operated.

Supermicro NVmesh Storage Solutions from Serversimply

Excelero NVmesh Use Cases


There are a whole host of uses for NVMesh storage solutions including databases that need the lowest latency memory possible to improve query times. One web page may be made up of a whole host of queries and the less time needed for each query not only reduces load times as the page is analyzed - but it also reduces the loading on the database server at any given instance in time. As databases grow, they also need to scale with the data. Failure to expand them to accommodate data sets can lead to either a business stopping work until remediated or database entries spilling over into the next available memory, which may need a lot of time to remediate and potentially require a database specialist to resolve.


Data is increasing in size at an exponential rate. Therefore, paying attention to scalability on a corporate level is important in today’s climate. With NVMesh storage solutions, everything is modular and controlled from the configurator software. Follow one simple process - add the hardware and allocate it using the designator software. Scalability is key for artificial intelligence and 3D scanning applications, where it is hard to predict how much space will be needed in one logical location. If you exceed the space needed, then when more resources are allocated to the system, the configurator software will simply add the data to it.


One major use is for analytics, where low latency is required for real-time data assessment. Secure data-protected systems with high bandwidth are essential for any modern business these days and NVMesh storage solutions are excellent at meeting and exceeding these expectations.

Performant computing

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and digital asset creation are prominent technologies in a whole multitude of market sectors and all need fast computing to achieve usable solutions. A NVmesh storage solution enables this by providing data on wide bandwidth two-way read-write protocols and if data is divided into different storage media, it can massively accelerate compute times for any given operation.

Reference Architecture

NVMesh storage solutions can be as small or as large as you want at any given step of a business’s maturity level. Hardware leverages the latest NVMe and PCIe protocol standards making it the fastest option around for data transfer. Hardware is completely flexible in how you connect it, from storage to compute-centric approaches and anything in between. Solutions are completely scalable and as the configurator software controls how the hardware operates it is easier than ever to get performant storage up and running for your needs.

All hardware currently meets standard server form factors from a 1U to a 4U setup. Typically, performance can be from 24Gb/s up to 184Gb/s currently depending on the hardware selected.

Current support includes all major manufacturers including Micron, Intel, Samsung, Kioxia, and Western Digital.

Imagine if you have one big data file spread across multiple server blades; the transfer or access to this data could be rapidly increased and especially useful for teams working on simulations, such as when oil well prospecting or FEA analysis of 100,000 piece products such as airplanes; a feat currently only done in lower-resolution models or analysis conducted on specific design areas. In the next few years we will see how the power of NVMesh storage solutions will be fully leveraged and the massive benefits from improved productivity that will come as a result of this new technology.


NVMesh storage solutions are all configured and monitored from one single software called the Configurator. This provides a high-level dashboard that enables you to see the status of the system, drill down into systems, and configure hardware according to your needs. In addition to this, it also controls your disaster recovery and all tools needed are in one place with one workflow for each activity; meaning you don't need to remember or have on hand a hundred different programs that you need to administer the system with; just one.

When hardware fails a lot of the recovery operations and switching processes are automated depending on requirement meaning that users are unlikely to notice and less sweat on your brow.

Certified Systems

All hardware to date that is certified for use is shown below along with their specifications, making it relatively easy to plan the next solution. For more information on Excelero NVMesh storage solutions take a look at the pre-selected resources below.

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