Systems by Category
  • Workstations
    & Tower Servers

    Powerful and visual content handling workstations with highly customizable and resilient powerstations for graphic, 3D designers and media editors

  • Rackmount Servers

    Most commonly used servers with unlimited variations of setups. From edge computing to all enterprise solutions, everyone finds their best fitting server in this group

  • Mellanox Solutions

    The fastest interconnect and lowest latency solution is everything your hyperconverged infrastructure of software defined network would ever need

  • Storage Solutions

    Your building blocks for any storage solution.
    Find your NAS, Fileserver, Zettabyte or Petabyte storage here

  • GPU Servers

    Visual effects, media editing, machine learning, graphical and parallel computing are the applications where GPU computing is done

  • Multinode Servers

    This range is perfect for any software defined datacenter application due to its ease of cable management and cpu density