Multi-processor servers

Supermicro Multiprocessor Servers are ideal for In-Memory computing and memory intensive Enterprise Applications.

New-generation X11 MP systems offer the highest levels of performance, efficiency and security, as well as essential RAS functions.

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  1. MP SuperServer SYS-2049U-TR4 MP SuperServer 2049U-TR4

    48 DDR4 DIMM Slots, up to 12TB
    Up to 11 PCI-E 3.0 slots
    optional 4 Hot-Swap NVMe Bays
    Flexible Connectivity Options

    10 841.23 €
  2. MP SuperServer SYS-7089P-TR4T MP SuperServer 7089P-TR4T

    8-Way MP, 224 Cores
    Virtualization, ERP, CRM
    In-Memory Database Application
    Research lab/National Lab
    Scale-up HPC

    56 300.31 €
  3. MP SuperServer SYS-8049U-E1CR4T MP SuperServer 8049U-E1CR4T

    4-Way MP, ERP, CRM
    Up to 112 cores per system
    In-Memory Database Application
    Business Intelligence
    Scientific Computing
    Scale-up HPC
    Cloud and Virtualization needs

    14 437.16 €
  4. MP SuperServer SYS-2049P-TN8R MP SuperServer 2049P-TN8R

    Cloud and Virtualization
    Scale-Out Density
    VOD Delivery
    4-Way High Core Count VM Optimized
    Data Center

    10 298.23 €
  5. MP SuperServer SYS-240P-TNRT MP SuperServer SYS-240P-TNRT

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Business Intelligence
    Scientific Virtualization
    In-Memory Database

    11 181.45 €
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Multi-processor Servers

A server with more than one processor is known as a multiprocessor server. By including more than one processor in a server helps to meet the demand for more computing power. ServerSimply offers Supermicro Multiprocessor Servers, which have the highest single node compute performance with up to 224 cores, 6 UPI links per socket, and 36TB of memory with 2nd Gen Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory. The MP line of SuperServers is designed to deliver the highest performance, resource-saving, flexibility, scalability, and serviceability to power mission-critical enterprise workloads like ERP, large in-memory databases, and real-time analytics by scaling up to the maximum processing and memory afforded in one node.

Supermicro Multiprocessor Servers have 8-socket systems in 7U, 4-socket systems in 2U, 4U rackmount and tower form-factors, and advanced RAS features designed for enterprise mission-critical applications.