Workstation and Tower servers

High quality, optimal performance.

This series is optimized for companies who do not need rack-scale servers or do not have their own server room, but who still require reliability, expandability, and flexibility. Workstations, tower servers, and rack mount servers are ideal for graphics-intensive applications, video rendering, or scientific computing.

Modern tower systems and rack mount servers are very silent, so they are suitable to use in an office environment. Workstation & Tower servers, along with rack mount servers, are an optimal choice for enterprise applications such as email and web servers, NAS, and corporate networking.

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  1. SuperServer SYS-5029C-T SuperServer 5029C-T

    File server / Entry Storage
    Local Cloud and Web Hosting

    1 032.26 €
  2. Supermicro SuperWorkstation SYS-531R-I SuperWorkstation SYS-531R-I

    Entry-Level System for SOHO and SMB
    Storage, application and centralized data backup system Applications
    IPMI for remote management

    1 209.54 €
  3. SuperWorkstation SYS-5039C-I SuperServer 5039C-I

    Entry-Level Server for SOHO
    Remote access for mobile users
    Data sharing/storage and Centralized backup

    1 019.24 €
  4. SuperServer OEM - X11SCZ 4 HDD SuperServer OEM - X11SCZ 4 HDD

    Video Surveillance
    Suitable for Milestone
    4 SATA drive
    Graphics in CPU

    1 957.59 €
  5. SuperWorkstation SYS-740GP-TNRBT SuperWorkstation SYS-740GP-TNRBT

    AI / Deep Learning Training
    High Performance Computing
    Scientific Virtualization

    6 227.25 €
  6. GPU SuperServer SYS-741GE-TNRT GPU SuperServer SYS-741GE-TNRT

    Animation and Modeling
    Design & Visualization
    Media/Video Streaming
    Diagnostic Imaging
    AI / Deep Learning Training
    High Performance Computing
    3D Rendering

    6 757.82 €
  7. SuperServer SYS-741P-TR SuperServer SYS-741P-TR

    Application and data serving
    Enterprise Server
    Compute Intensive Applications

    3 690.99 €
  8. SuperServer SYS-741P-TRT SuperServer SYS-741P-TRT

    Enterprise Server
    Application and data serving
    Compute Intensive Applications

    3 779.02 €
  9. GPU SuperServer SYS-751GE-TNRT GPU SuperServer SYS-751GE-TNRT

    High-performance Computing
    AI / Deep Learning Training
    Nvidia A100 GPUs

    83 891.81 €
  10. Mainstream A+ Server AS-3015A-I Mainstream A+Server AS-3015A-I

    2D/3D Content Creation
    Designed for small and medium businesses
    Email/Firewall/Application Server

    1 489.10 €
  11. IoT SuperServer SYS-521AD-TN2 IoT SuperServer SYS-521AD-TN2

    Surveillance Security Server
    Compact Storage Appliance
    Video processing & streaming
    Small Medium Business Edge Server

    1 144.55 €
  12. SuperWorkstation SYS-521R-T SuperWorkstation SYS-521R-T

    Entry-Level Micro-Server
    Designed for Small and Medium-sized Businesses Applications

    1 207.13 €
  13. SuperWorkstation SYS-740A-T SuperWorkstation SYS-740A-T

    Engineering / scientific research
    Multimedia / Digital Content creation

    3 603.28 €
  14. UP Workstation SYS-530A-IL UP Workstation SYS-530A-IL

    Entry-Level Workstation
    Designed for CAD and 3D Modeling Applications
    NVIDIA® Quadro® Professional GPU Support Applications

    1 282.72 €
  15. UP Workstation SYS-530AD-I UP Workstation SYS-530AD-I

    High Performance Gaming
    Content Creation
    High-end Desktop

    1 457.06 €
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Workstation and Tower Servers

A tower server is a computer that is built in an upright cabinet that stands alone and that is designed to function as a server. The cabinet is known as a tower, and multiple tower servers can work simultaneously for different tasks and processes. Both of them are network servers. The biggest difference is the installed way. A Rack Server is a standalone device installed in the cabinet, while the tower server can be deployed on the floor, desk, or other places. The tower server doesn't need the cabinet. If you have a limited number of clients to support and need minimal computing power, a tower server should be your choice. If you need higher power and require at least 4 to 25 servers to run the business, then the rack servers would be an ideal choice. For GPU-accelerated computing and demanding graphical tasks, consider our range of GPU servers designed to provide high-performance graphics processing capabilities.