1. Discussion: What is the best GPU to use in a Workstation?

    What is the best GPU to use in a Workstation?


    Let's dive in with another question. What is the intended use case? Usually, when people approach workstations and GPUs in particular - their workflow, datasets or workloads, and use cases are the main contributing factor.

    Nethertheless, features which GPUs provide play a big role in the desicion process. Take, for example, ECC support, SR-IOV, Mosaic, Memory pooling with NVLINK, and so on. In many cases, the limiting factor is the VRAM or Memory capacity. In such case, the higher and more complex the datasets, the more VRAM is required. And even if that is not enough, memory pooling is also available on the Nvidia Quadro lineup.

    VRAM? Vram is a terminology for the GPU's onboard memory,

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  2. Why Certified workstations?

    SuperWorkstation SYS-7039A-I


     Benefits of having certified workstations for professional use


    For your business growth and development, you need the right motivated employees and also the right equipment to support their work processes. The information we have put together below is for those in charge of making hardware purchasing decisions for their organizations.


    Here is a list of industries that could benefit from using certified workstations:

    • Architecture (AEC)
    • Engineering
    • Product design
    • Automotive design
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Education
    • Scientific research
    • Simulation
    • Manufacturing
    • Government
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