AS-2114GT-DPNR Supermicro GPU A+ Server

Supermicro GPU A+ Server AS-2114GT-DPNR - 2U - 2 nodes - Single AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO Processors - up to 2TB memory - 2x NVMe - 3x GPU - OOB license - 2600W Redundant

This Supermicro GPU server AS-2114GT-DPNR has two hot-pluggable systems (nodes) in a 2U form factor. Each node has direct-attached backplane supporting 2 NVMe hot-swap drives. Each node supports up to 3 GPUs, also Nvidia A40 and AMD Instinct MI210. On each board AIOM card option for flexible networking and dedicated RJ45 port for IPMI 2.0 remote management with KVM and remote virtual media mount. The power supplies energy efficiency is 80 PLUS Titanium Level. The server will be delivered with a rackmount rail kit. More information about A+ Server 2114GT-DPNR on the manufacturer's website.

This model has been validated by NVIDIA as NVIDIA-Certified System.

To maintain quality and integrity, this product is sold only as a completely-assembled system (with minimum 1 processor, 2 memory modules, 1 drive, 1 GPU and 1 NIC installed per node).

All 2 nodes will be configured as selected in the current product configurator below.

AS-2114GT-DPNR Supermicro GPU A+ Server

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