SYS-E300-12D-4CN6P Supermicro IoT SuperServer

Supermicro IoT SuperServer SYS-E300-12D-4CN6P - Compact - Intel Xeon D-1718T Processor - up to 256GB Memory - 1x SATA (fixed) - 2x 25Gb/s SFP28 + 4x 1Gb/s RJ45 - 180W DC Adapter

The Supermicro SYS-E300-12D-4CN6P features an Intel Xeon D-1718T processor with 4 cores and supports up to 256GB memory. It offers one SATA drive, dual 25Gb/s SFP28, and quad 1Gb/s Ethernet for comprehensive networking, along with IPMI 2.0 for advanced remote management. The server is powered by a 180W DC adapter, optimizing its efficiency for IoT and edge computing. For a comprehensive overview of our IoT SuperServers, including the SYS-E300-12D-4CN6P, visit our SERVERS solutions page.

Key Applications

    •  Edge Computing

    •  Network Security Appliances

    •  IoT Device Management

    •  Industrial Control Systems

    •  Remote Office/Branch Office Deployment

    •  Virtualized Network Functions

    •  Media Streaming Solutions

    •  Compact Data Centers

Key Features

    •  Intel Xeon D-1718T 4-Core Processor

    •  Up to 256GB Memory Support

    •  1x Fixed SATA Drive

    •  Dual 25Gb/s SFP28 and Quad 1Gb/s Ethernet Ports

    •  IPMI 2.0 Remote Management and TPM 2.0 for security

    •  180W DC Power Supply for efficient operation

    •  Compact form factor for space-sensitive environments

    •  Optimized for low power consumption and high efficiency

    •  Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux

Designed for high-performance IoT and edge computing tasks, the SYS-E300-12D-4CN6P is compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux, ensuring broad software support. For more information about specialized system optimization, please contact Server Simply.

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SYS-E300-12D-4CN6P Supermicro IoT SuperServer