20Gb/s - NVIDIA Mellanox Ethernet switches

NVIDIA Mellanox Ethernet switches are built for modern software-defined data centers with an industry-leading performance at all speeds (1/10/25/100/200/400GbE). Due to their low latency and high bandwidth, SUPERMICRO ETHERNET SWITCHES make fabric management as easy as possible.

SN2000 and SN3000 Ethernet switches are used in a variety of data center networking solutions. These include large-scale layer-2 and layer-3 cloud designs, overlay-based virtualized networks, Machine Learning interconnect infrastructure, and high-performance mission-critical Ethernet Storage Fabrics.

NVIDIA Mellanox Ethernet switches run on operating systems such as NVIDIA® Onyx®, NVIDIA® Cumulus® LinuxSONiCNVIDIA® Linux Switch and others. SN3000 switches feature built-in storage, RDMA workflows, and are integrated with Mellanox NEO, network orchestration, and automation platform further simplifying network operations.

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NVIDIA Mellanox Ethernet switches

NVIDIA Mellanox Ethernet switches deliver industry-leading connectivity for performance-driven server and storage applications. Also ConnectX adapter cards enable high bandwidth coupled with ultra-low latency for diverse applications and systems, resulting in faster access and real-time responses.