SN5600 NVIDIA - 920-9N42F-00RI-7C0

NVIDIA SN5600 Spectrum-4 based 800GbE 2U open Ethernet switch with Cumulus Linux Authentication, 64x OSFP ports and 1x SFP28 port, 2x power supplies (AC), x86 CPU, secure boot, standard depth, C2P airflow - 920-9N42F-00RI-7C0

The NVIDIA SN5600 smart-leaf, spine, and super-spine switch offers 64 ports of 800GbE in a dense 2U form factor. The SN5600 is ideal for NVIDIA Spectrum-X deployments and enables both standard leaf/spine designs with top-of-rack (ToR) switches as well as end-of-row (EoR) topologies. The SN5600 offers diverse connectivity in combinations of 1 to 800GbE and boasts an industry-leading total throughput of 51.2Tb/s. The switch will be delivered with a rackmount kit.

Key Features

• 800Gb/s per port for 51.2Tb/s aggregate switch bandwidth

• Consistent and low cut-through latency

• Accelerated remote direct-memory access (RDMA) over converged Ethernet (RoCE) with extensions for AI cloud servers built on Ethernet

• Advanced network virtualization with high-performance, single-pass VXLAN routing

• Up to 12.8Tb/s MACsec VXLANsec encryption

Additional information from manufacturer page SN5000 Series Product Brief.

SN5600 NVIDIA - 920-9N42F-00RI-7C0