4 Drives - Rackmount servers

The widest selection of rack servers from 1U up to 10U, designed for the highest performance, flexibility, scalability, and serviceability in datacenters.

Rackmount servers, including TOWER SERVERS, are the perfect fit for diverse workloads and applications. They are the most commonly used servers due to their unlimited setup variations and are easily configurable for multiple Enterprise and Data Center applications such as Virtualization, Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud Computing.

Servers featuring 4 drive bays are typically used in small business environments or as home servers where the emphasis is on cost-efficiency and minimal footprint. Their compact size and reduced storage options make them ideal for specific workloads like file-sharing, VPN setups, and local backups, offering a tailored solution without unnecessary overhead.
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  1. SuperServer SYS-5019P-MT SuperServer 5029P-MT

    Web Hosting, VM
    Application and Data Serving
    Database Applications

    1 794.72 €
  2. UP SuperServer SYS-510P-WT WIO SuperServer SYS-510P-WT

    Cloud Computing
    Enterprise Server
    Data Center Optimized

    2 090.53 €
  3. SuperServer SYS-5019C-MR SuperServer 5019C-MR

    General Purpose, SMB
    Web Hosting
    Application and data serving
    Archiving, Mail/Finance, Security

    1 585.86 €
  4. GrandTwin SYS-210GT-HNC8F - 4 nodes GrandTwin SuperServer SYS-210GT-HNC8F

    High-Performance File System
    Application Accelerator
    Diskless HPC Clusters
    Big Data Analytics and AI
    All-Flash Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    10 468.40 €
  5. CloudDC SuperServ SYS-610C-TR CloudDC SuperServer SYS-610C-TR

    Edge Nodes
    Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    Data Center Optimized
    Value IaaS
    Cloud Computing
    Compact Server
    Web, DNS & Gateway Servers, Firewall Application

    3 474.42 €
  6. SuperServer SYS-5019P-M SuperServer 5029P-M

    Web Hosting, VM
    Compact Network Appliance

    1 680.75 €
  7. Ultra SuperServer SYS-6019U-TRTP Ultra SuperServer 6019U-TRTP

    Cloud Computing
    High End Enterprise Server

    3 256.64 €
  8. Twin SuperServer SYS-120TP-DC9TR - 2 nodes Twin SuperServer SYS-120TP-DC9TR

    High Performance Computing
    Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
    Big Data / Big Science

    7 419.24 €
  9. MicroCloud SYS-5039MA8-H12RFT - 12 nodes MicroCloud SYS-5039MA8-H12RFT

    Cloud Computing
    Web Cache, Web Hosting, VM
    Social Networking, DNS
    Corporate-WINS, Print, Login

    10 168.08 €
  10. TwinPro Server SYS-1029TP-DC1R - 2 nodes TwinPro Server 1029TP-DC1R

    Mission-critical applications
    High Availability Storage Appliance Platform

    5 925.93 €
  11. UP SuperServer SYS-511R-M UP SuperServer SYS-511R-M

    Web / Hosting Application
    Email / Firewall / Print Server
    General Purpose

    1 661.08 €
  12. Ultra SuperServer SYS-6019U-TR4T Ultra SuperServer 6019U-TR4T

    Cloud Computing
    High End Enterprise Server

    3 398.80 €
  13. UP SuperServer SYS-510T-MR UP SuperServer SYS-510T-MR

    Small Business
    Encoding Decoding
    Suitable for Milestone

    1 573.65 €
  14. Ultra A+ Server AS-1024US-TRT Ultra A+ Server AS-1024US-TRT

    Cloud Computing
    High End Enterprise Server

    5 090.35 €
  15. GPU SuperServer SYS-1029GP-TR GPU SuperServer 1029GP-TR

    2D/3D and CAD Applications
    Astrophysics, Chemistry
    Cloud and Virtualization

    3 718.68 €
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Rackmount Servers

A rackmount server, also called a rack server, is a computer dedicated to use as a server and designed to be installed in a framework called a rack. The rack contains multiple mounting slots called bays, each designed to hold a hardware unit secured in place with screws. MULTINODE SERVERS are often deployed in such racks to maximize efficiency and resource utilization.

Both rack servers and blade servers are network servers. The biggest difference is the installation method. A rack server is a standalone device installed in the cabinet, while several blade servers need to work with each other in one chassis. The main benefit of the rackmount server is cooling. Cooling a rack server is easier than most others. They are usually equipped with internal fans, and placing them in a rack increases airflow. Rack servers are also ideal for scenarios where you need more than one server (but less than about 10) because they don't require a massive chassis.