CSE-947HE1C-R2K05JBOD Supermicro JBOD storage SuperChassis

CSE-947HE1C-R2K05JBOD Supermicro JBOD Storage SuperChassis - 4U - 90x SATA/SAS - 12Gb/s SAS Single Expander Backplane - 2000W Redundant

Featuring a 4U top-loading design, the CSE-947HE1C-R2K05JBOD supports 90 hot-swap SATA/SAS drives and offers efficient management with IPMI 2.0 remote capabilities. Energy efficiency is maximized with 80 PLUS Titanium 2000W power supplies, and a rackmount kit is included for installation. For a comprehensive overview of advanced technologies, including the CSE-947HE1C-R2K05JBOD, visit our SERVERS solutions page.

Key Applications

    •  Data Archiving

    •  Large-Scale Backup Solutions

    •  High-Density Storage Requirements

    •  Big Data Storage

    •  Digital Content Libraries

    •  Cloud Storage Infrastructure

    •  Data Warehousing

    •  Disaster Recovery Sites

Key Features

    •  Supports 90 Hot-Swap SATA/SAS Drives

    •  12Gb/s SAS Single Expander Backplane

    •  Dual RJ45 Ports for IPMI 2.0 Remote Management

    •  2000W 80 PLUS Titanium Redundant Power Supplies

    •  Top-Loading Design

    •  Rackmount Rail Kit Included

    •  Designed for scalability and high availability

    •  Sold as a completely-assembled system with a minimum of 25 drives installed

This chassis is tailored for massive storage needs. For more information about specialized system optimization, please contact Server Simply.

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To maintain quality and integrity, this product is sold only as a completely-assembled system (with minimum 25 drives installed).

CSE-947HE1C-R2K05JBOD Supermicro JBOD storage SuperChassis