4 Drives - STORAGE

Looking for a storage solution that provides massive capacity, high performance, and takes up minimal space? Look no further than our storage server solutions. Our no-compromise storage platform is available in flexible market entry points from 2U, 3U, and 4U form factors using 2.5" or 3.5" SSDs/HDDs. Our storage servers offer a number of key benefits to customers working with CPU-intensive storage, virtual storage, single-instance storage, data deduplication, data replication, business continuity, and virtual tape library customer environments. Find the right storage server for your needs from our wide selection of products.

Servers featuring 4 drive bays are typically used in small business environments or as home servers where the emphasis is on cost-efficiency and minimal footprint. Their compact size and reduced storage options make them ideal for specific workloads like file-sharing, VPN setups, and local backups, offering a tailored solution without unnecessary overhead.
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Comprehensive Data Storage Solutions

ServerSimply offers storage servers, JBOD storage expansion, and Simply Double servers. For the most demanding storage needs, ServerSimply has high-performance, storage-specific dedicated servers available, all fully customizable. All of ServerSimply’s dedicated servers come with guaranteed speeds and 40 Gbit/s DDoS protection as standard.

To truly optimize your IT infrastructure, you need to have a broad and resilient approach to choosing the right products. One that lowers costs without cloud lock-in, integrates and plays well with your existing solutions — all while simplifying containerization, management, software-defined storage, and modern data protection.