SSG-6049SP-DE2CR60 Supermicro SuperStorage

Supermicro SuperStorage SSG-6049SP-DE2CR60 - 4U - 2 nodes - Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processors - up to 4TB memory - 2x 30x SAS (shared) - Broadcom 3616 - 2x 10Gb/s RJ45 - 2600W Redundant

This Supermicro Top-loading Storage server SSG-6049SP-DE2CR60 has two hot-pluggable systems (nodes) in a 4U form factor. Dual Node (HA), Enterprise High Availability (SBB) Architecture (shared storage), fully serviceable and redundant. Dedicated node to node connectivity featuring high performance NTB PCI-E 3.0 x16, 1G private Ethernet, and IPMI for robust node fail-over support. Nodes are sharing expander backplane what is supporting 60 top-load hot-swap SAS drives. Each node includes dual Broadcom 3616 (IT mode) SAS 12Gb/s HBA controller card. Inside each node has additional 2 fixed SATA drive bays. On each node board has dual 10Gb/s Intel Ethernet Controller X550 (2x RJ45) and dedicated RJ45 port for IPMI 2.0 remote management with KVM and remote virtual media mount. The power supplies energy efficiency are 80 PLUS Titanium Level. The server will be delivered with a rackmount rail kit. More information about SuperStorage 6049SP-DE2CR60 on the manufacturer's website.

This model is compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux.

To maintain quality and integrity, this product is sold only as a completely-assembled system (with minimum 2 processors, 2 memory modules and 8 drives installed per node).

All 2 nodes will be configured as selected in the current product configurator below.

SSG-6049SP-DE2CR60 Supermicro SuperStorage

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