SYS-7049GP-TRT Supermicro GPU SuperWorkstation

Supermicro GPU SuperWorkstation SYS-7049GP-TRT - Tower - Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processors - up to 4TB memory - 8x SATA/SAS (4x NVMe) - 2x 10Gb/s RJ45 - up to 4x GPU - 2200W Redundant

The SYS-7049GP-TRT supports dual Xeon Scalable CPUs and 4TB RAM, with storage flexibility via 8 hot-swap SATA/SAS and 4 NVMe drive options. It accommodates up to 4 GPUs and features dual 10Gb/s Ethernet and IPMI 2.0 for superior connectivity and remote management. For a comprehensive overview of advanced technologies, including the SYS-7049GP-TRT, visit our SERVERS solutions page.

Key Applications

    •  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning

    •  High-Performance Computing (HPC)

    •  3D Rendering and Simulation

    •  Virtual Reality (VR) Content Creation

    •  Scientific Research

    •  Advanced Analytics and Big Data Processing

    •  Professional Graphic Design and Video Editing

    •  Complex Computational Physics

Key Features

    •  Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processor support

    •  Up to 4TB memory

    •  8x SATA/SAS bays, 4x NVMe compatibility

    •  Up to 4x GPU support for intensive computing tasks

    •  Dual 10Gb/s Ethernet and dedicated IPMI 2.0 

    •  2200W 80 PLUS Titanium redundant power supply

    •  Compatibility with leading virtualization and operating systems

    •  Direct-attached backplane for high-speed storage access

    •  Energy-efficient design with 80 PLUS Titanium certification

This model is validated by NVIDA as "NGC-Ready" server with Tesla V100, Quadro RTX 6000 or RTX 8000 GPUs and is also compatible with Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Windows Server 2016 & 2019 and certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Server. For more information about specialized system optimization, please contact Server Simply.

This model is Nvidia RTX server with Quadro RTX 6000 and 8000 GPUs.

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SYS-7049GP-TRT Supermicro GPU SuperWorkstation

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