SYS-730A-I Supermicro SuperWorkstation

Supermicro SuperWorkstation SYS-730A-I - Tower - Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processors - up to 4TB Memory - 4x SATA/NVMe - 2x 1Gb/s RJ45 - Up to 2 Graphics Cards - 1200W

The Supermicro SYS-730A-I SuperWorkstation, ideal for high-performance tasks, supports dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors and 4TB memory. It features 4 SATA/NVMe slots, dual 1Gb/s Ethernet, and accommodates up to 2 graphics cards. With a 1200W 80 PLUS Platinum power supply, it ensures efficiency and power for demanding applications. For a comprehensive overview of our SuperWorkstation series, including the SYS-730A-I, visit our SERVERS solutions page.

Key Applications

    •  Content Creation

    •  Scientific Research

    •  Intensive Graphics Workflows

    •  Video Editing and Production

    •  3D Modeling and Animation

    •  Computational Finance

    •  Data Analysis and Simulation

    •  High-End Gaming and VR Development

Key Features

    •  Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Support

    •  Up to 4TB Memory Capacity

    •  Support for 4 SATA/NVMe Drives, Optional SAS

    •  Dual 1Gb/s Ethernet Connectivity

    •  Supports Up to 2 Graphics Cards

    •  1200W 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply

    •  Enhanced thermal design for high-performance operations

    •  Broad compatibility with leading software and operating systems

Optimized for high-end applications, the SYS-730A-I is compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2019 & 2022 and certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, offering broad software ecosystem support. For more information about specialized system optimization, please contact Server Simply.

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SYS-730A-I Supermicro SuperWorkstation