tower / 4U - GPU servers

Enhance your computational capabilities with our versatile GPU servers. Tailored for demanding tasks across various domains, our servers integrate cutting-edge technology to meet your specific needs.

Key Advantages:

  • Diverse Configurations: Select from top-of-the-line NVIDIA and AMD GPUs like the Nvidia Tesla V100 and Nvidia A100, suitable for various professional needs from HPC to enterprise solutions.

  • Massive Parallel Processing Power: Ideal for AI, machine learning, and complex simulations, our servers offer unparalleled processing capabilities to handle intensive data tasks efficiently.

  • Optimized for AI and Deep Learning: Specifically designed for deep learning and AI applications, ensuring optimal performance for AI-driven projects.

  • Advanced Connectivity: Featuring GPU-Direct technology for superior data transfer speeds, crucial for high-load computational tasks.

  • Flexible Form Factors: From compact 1U GPU servers to robust 4U GPU configurations, we offer a variety of form factors to meet your specific requirements.

  • Reliability and Scalability: Built to support long-term, intensive operations with options to scale as your computational needs grow.

Explore our GPU servers for scalable, high-quality computing solutions tailored to your project's needs.

4U/Tower servers or workstations. Can be used as standing devices without rack cabinet or rackable with special sliding rails kit. Mostly as powerful workstations with Graphical processors inside, they are quiet and can be ised within same room as systems user.



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  1. GPU SuperServer SYS-741GE-TNRT GPU SuperServer SYS-741GE-TNRT

    Animation and Modeling
    Design & Visualization
    Media/Video Streaming
    Diagnostic Imaging
    AI / Deep Learning Training
    High Performance Computing
    3D Rendering

    6 432.28 €
  2. SuperWorkstation SYS-740GP-TNRT GPU SuperWorkstation SYS-740GP-TNRT

    Scientific Virtualization
    AI / Deep Learning Training
    High Performance Computing

    6 066.21 €
  3. SuperWorkstation SYS-740GP-TNRBT SuperWorkstation SYS-740GP-TNRBT

    AI / Deep Learning Training
    High Performance Computing
    Scientific Virtualization

    5 977.50 €
  4. SuperWorkstation SYS-7049GP-TRT GPU SuperWorkstation 7049GP-TRT

    GPU Server, Mission-critical app.
    Enterprise server, large database
    On-line transaction processing
    E-business, oil & gas, medical app.

    4 366.95 €
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How to choose a GPU server?

  • To select the right GPU server, consider your specific workload requirements, such as AI server capabilities, machine learning server demands, or deep learning server needs. Look for a server that balances performance, connectivity, and power efficiency—key factors for high-performance GPU solutions like NVIDIA or AMD server GPUs.

What is the best GPU for servers?

  • The best GPU for servers depends largely on the specific applications and computational demands. For high-performance computing, AI training, and deep learning, NVIDIA's A100 and the newer H100 GPUs are currently among the most powerful options. The NVIDIA A100 is designed to handle diverse workloads efficiently, making it ideal for everything from AI to scientific computing. On the other hand, the NVIDIA H100, part of NVIDIA's Hopper architecture, provides exceptional performance for AI and machine learning, pushing the boundaries of what server GPUs can accomplish in terms of speed and processing power. Both these models offer massive improvements in throughput, energy efficiency, and AI feature sets, making them top choices for enterprise-grade, GPU-accelerated servers.

How many cores are in a GPU?

  • The number of cores in a GPU server can vary widely depending on the model and manufacturer. High-end GPUs, particularly those designed for supercomputing GPU servers or deep learning GPU servers, can house thousands of cores to efficiently manage multiple parallel tasks in computationally intensive environments.

Best GPU servers

  • SYS-4029GP-TRT2 Supermicro GPU SuperServer: Engineered for Artificial Intelligence and High-performance Computing with a focus on Big Data Analytics and Astrophysics.
  • GPU A+ Server AS-4125GS-TNRT1: Designed for Single Root AI / Deep Learning applications and GPU Virtualization, offering High Performance Computing capabilities.
  • GPU A+ Server AS-4124GS-TNR+: Specialized for Cloud Gaming and Molecular Dynamics Simulation with Nvidia A100 GPUs, making it ideal for rigorous scientific applications.
  • GPU SuperServer SYS-421GE-TNRT3: Perfect for Design & Visualization, Diagnostic Imaging, and intensive 3D Rendering.
  • GPU A+ Server AS-8125GS-TNHR-LC: The ultimate in liquid-cooled technology for High-performance Computing and AI / Deep Learning Training, featuring NVIDIA® NVLink™ with NVSwitch™.

GPU Server Cost

  • At Server Simply, our GPU servers are priced to accommodate a variety of budgetary and performance needs. Prices range from approximately €3,700 for entry-level models suitable for basic machine learning tasks, to over €280,000 for advanced models equipped with the latest technologies for intensive computational tasks such as deep learning, high-performance computing, and AI training. This wide range ensures options for both startups and large enterprises looking to enhance their computing power.